Mine BNB with Safe Rewards Oracle

Mint. Mine. Profit

What is Gold Rush Finance ?

GRUSH Finance is an NFT Game-Fi project aimed at giving players both gaming and passive income. Our innovative Safe rewards feature keeps you in control of your rewards making it safe!


Assemble your crew of miners and gunmen. Send them out into the mountains for BNB mining. Legend says there are hidden BNB treasure chests!

Assemble Crew

Mine BNB

Earn Game income


You have inherited your father's farm. Rebuild it and hire many workers in order to generate passive income. The more worker NFTs you have, the more income you will receive from farming these fertile lands!

Hire Farmers

Harvest GRUSH

High APR

Character Class

There are a total of 3 character classes in GRUSH: Miner, Gunman and Farmer. Each have their own roles in the GRUSH ecosystem. Assemble a crew of your finest NFTs in order to mine and farm the most income.


Hire farmer NFT’s to work in your GRUSH farm. The more farmers you have working for you, the more GRUSH you will harvest!

3 Major Pillars of GRUSH

have come up with this formula after playing and studying many success and failures in the NFT gaming industry. We focus on 3 major pillars making our game sustainable and safe for players to enjoy real and durable profit.

1. BNB Rewards Oracle

Your crew will mine BNB rewards. Once you decide to claim your rewards, our oracle system will convert them into $GRUSH tokens in real time giving you total control and consistency over the value of your rewards.

2. Deflationary NFT Feature

The adventure is dangerous! There is a chance that 1 of your NFT workers will die in every mission. The higher your crew's Gunpower, the less chance there will be a death.

This NFT Burning feature keeps the cycle and minting of the NFTs active. It encourages the $GRUSH tokens to be constantly recycled into the game economy.

3. Mass Market Adoption

Our game logic and learning curve is simple and easy. With this kind of programming, more players will be attracted, even those who have jobs and do not have time to play games for hours to make real money.

Earn Passive Income by Nft YIELD Farming

GRUSH Farm has a scheduled daily release of $GRUSH tokens. You receive tokens according to your total farming power. The more stronger Farmer NFTs you have, the more tokens you will be able to harvest.

Mint your Farmer Nfts and start putting them to work!

More Farmers mean more income. Get ahead of the crowd by assigning powerful famer NFT's.




How does Nft farming work?

You mint NFTs and assign them to your farm. They will do the rest and make you daily income!

How many tokens are released?

There will be 50,000 up to 110,000 GRUSH released per day. Depending on the total farming power. The more farming power there is, the more tokens will be released daily.

How can I be sure I will earn with GRUSH?

Our daily release schedule is programmed to last minimum of 5 years up to 12 years of daily emissions. You can be sure that you will be earning for a long time. 

Is there a limit to the number of farmers I can hire?

There is no limit. You can hire as many Farmer NFT's as you like.

Is there a bonus if I have many NFTs?

Yes. The more farmer NFT's you have, the more bonus GRUSH you will get, these can add up to become alot of GRUSH.

Token Distribution

$GRUSH Token distribution. For more information press button below

Token Distribution


Partners & Investors

We select and work with strategic investors and partners in order to build our GRUSH ecosystem. Contact us via our social channels in order to partner with us and make GRUSH the biggest Game-Fi project in BSC!​

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